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The whole Aluminium casting from one source!

Our polish production company run by German standards with integrated tooling shop enables us to offer high quality for reasonable prices.

Your benefit: Everything from one supplier! Cost-effective sourcing from polish production but with english-speaking contact persons.


Gravity casting, low-pressure diecasting, pressure diecasting and squeezecasting - all major casting methods realized with one single supplier! Forget long-time searches to find the right supplier! We support you from the first sketch to the final packed and labelled product. Tooling shop, choice of the appropriate production method, CNC-cutting, liquid coating, powder coating, assembly and packing.

We do it and we do it ourselves!

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Tooling shop

WE make our tools! Not only due to cost reasons. Our network of tool designers and casting specialists crates moulds for practical use - exactly customized to our needs

We optimize our tools with CAD, CAM and FEM - based softwares. We are workiing in 3 shifts a day. This enables us to create our moulds faster than others

Rapid prototyping is our daily business. We optimize your items before the mould production starts - with 3D - printed prototypes

Your benefit: Quick mould production, reasonable cost.



High surface quality, dense microstructure, short cycles without high tooling costs. Squeezecast unites a lot of characteristics which formerly seemed to be incompatible.

Your Benefit: Lower tooling costs compared to pressure diecast along with comparable surface quality


Pressure Diecasting

Large batch sizes , high demands on suface quality and low unit costs - the ideal playing field for our pressure diecasting production unit. Our own tooling shop in Poland secures reasonable tooling costs

Our units with clamping power up to 5,500 daN work fully robotized - quickly and precisely.

You Benefit: High quality and reasonable unit costs along with interesting tooling costs.


Gravity Diecasting

Small batch sizes, low toolings costs: If your project is characterized by low batch sizes, gravity diecasting is the right production process for your parts. Better surface quality and lower unit cost like sandcasting, but affordable tooling costs thanks to our tooling shop in Poland.

Your benefit: Quick and cost-effective tooling, attractive unit costs.


CNC - machining

We do the necessary machining for your parts. Using our 36 machining centres we are ready for nearly every challenge. Max part length is 2,200 mm, max working diameter is 750 mm!

Your benefit: Highly precise milled parts without the need to contract another supplier.



Liqiud coating, powder coating, vibratory grinding, ball polishing - in our company your products gets the finish you need. We do that quick and reliable in our own factory, without disturbing frictonal loss due to cooperations.

Your benefit: We realize the surface you need.



Measuring and gauging are a matter of course. We do it with state-of-the-art equipment. Highly precise cnc measuring machine and x-ray devices - we ensure the quality needs of our customers. Moreover, we check every batch of raw material with spectral analysis.

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008

Your benefit: Highly precise checks to ensure the quality of your products.


Low pressure diecasting

Large, heavy, thin-walled, pressure-tight - low pressure diecasted parts solve many problems. On 4 units we produce Alumium cast parts for special demands

Your benefit: Flexible and safe supply due to several redundant units



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  • Glörstraße 20 - 22
  • 58579 Schalksmühle

  • Tel: +49 2355 508346
  • Fax: +49 2355 509778

  • Geschäftsführer
  • Dipl. Ing. Harald Möhl
  • USt. Id.-Nr. DE 8 1265 1297
  • Steuernummer 332/5703/1495
  • Gerichtsstand Iserlohn, / HR B 5486

  • Datenschutzbeauftragter
  • Thomas Siebel
  • c/o Alutec-Möhl GmbH
  • Glörstr. 20-22
  • 58579 Schalksmühle
  • Email: t.siebel@alutec-moehl.de
  • Tel.: +49 2355 5083-55
  • Fax: +49 2355 509778

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